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Posted on: April 20, 2008 7:43 pm

Thoughts on the NBA

I really don't watch much of the NBA, in fact I hate watching it. I've come to a conclusion that there are only 5 teams that can win the title the Celtics, Piston, Lakers, Spurs and Suns. Today, I watched my first NBA game in over 5 months, I watched the Lakers beat the Nuggets. Of the 5 teams I think the Lakers are the least likely to win it, with the Spurs being the most likely, and I really feel the winner of the Suns-Spurs series will go on to the NBA Finals. The one thing that helps the Lakers is that they would have an easier 2nd round matchup then the Suns or Spurs. Why? The Jazz don't have the firepower to beat the Lakers and without Yao Ming the Rockets don't have an inside presence to defend Pau Gasol. So expect a Lakers Spurs/Suns Western Conference Final with the Suns/Spurs coming out on top.

In the East expect one Eastern Conference Final and that is the Celtics against the Pistons. I really don't think that the Magic or the Raptors have the experience to stop the Pistons in the 2nd round, same with the 76ers in the 1st round. With the Celtics they could use their 2nd string against the Hawks and they would most likely win. The Hawks have nobody that could stop Kevin Garnett, so even against the 1st string the Hawks have no shot. In the 2nd round the Celtics will play either the Wizards or Cavs, and from what I think the Wizards would be a better matchup with absoloutly nobody to stop KG, and even with some decent big men I don't think the Cavs to win either. So Pistons-Celtics I like the Celtics mostly because the game is at home.

So what does this mean I really think it'll be two of four teams that'll be playing in the NBA Finals. It'll be the Celtics-Pistons against the Spurs-Suns.

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