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Posted on: March 17, 2008 9:16 pm

Midwest Region 1st Round Predictions

Midwest Region Predictions

1. Kansas vs 16. Portland State                                     Final Score: 95      66     This game is going to be what's expected a blowout. KU will use their superior athletes and run them off the floor.


2. Georgetown vs UMBC                                                 Final Score: 71       47    I expect this game to be close for 15 minutes, but eventually the Princeton Offense will be too much for UMBC to handle.


3. Wisconsin vs Cal State-Fullerton                             Final Score: 65       49   This game will be close for the 1st half, buy like the Illinois game I feel late Wisconsin will run away with it with solid offense and great defense.

4. Vanderbilt vs 13. Siena                                              Final Score: 68        69   I expect one close game and it'll come down the wire a late shot by Siena who earlier in the year beat Stanford will send Vandy and Shan Foster back to Nashville the Music City.

5. Clemson vs 12. Villanova                                         Final Score: 72        69   Another close one in the Midwest this time the higher seed prevails. I feel Villanova will be in it because Scottie Reynolds has a huge game, but it simply won't be enough to send the Clemson Tigers home.

6. USC vs 11. Kansas State                                         Final Score: 79         72   I feel that Michael Beasley will get his 30-13, but his team won't do enough. Bill Walker can get 16-19 points, but other then that KSU has no consistant scorer so the Wildcats will fall short.

7. Gonzaga vs 10. Davidson                                        Final Score: 75         83   Davidson has a great point guard and one of the best shooting guards in Stephon Curry. Curry shot 44% from 3 and the Bulldogs should get a hand in his face. I don't see that happening and with a game that's a home game for Davidson I see the Wildcats pulling off the win.

8. UNLV vs 9. Kent State                                              Final Score: 68          73   I've gone back and forth on this game, but I feel that Kent State is more experienced team and more rounded and that's why I feel the Golden Flashes win this game and go on to play Kansas

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