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Posted on: April 7, 2008 8:41 pm

Memphis vs Kansas: The Title Game

Finally we have a Title game where we can disagree, and it's not a game where we fully expect one team to win. Like last year with Florida-OSU, or UCONN-GT in 04 or MSU-Florida in 2000. We have a game like UNC-Illinois from a few years back and we all remember what a good game that was. In this game we have Memphis who a lot of people had losing to Texas in the Elite 8 and even after they did that losing to UCLA in the Final 4. Then on the other side we have Kansas the team that is known for choking especially recently. It's considered one of the Elite Programs, but unlike the other Elite Programs it only has 3 titles to show for it. What a game this should be! Two teams that most people didn't have playing in this game, but are. I think Memphis is going to win, and I'm going to be blunt about it, and not work around it, they'll win because they have the best player in the tournament in Derrick Rose, Who because of this tournament some are now projecting over the invincible Michael Beasley to go #1 in the draft. Imagine telling someone that 3 weeks ago? If Kansas can contain Rose they'll win, the problem is they can't. In fact no one can and that is why Memphis will win. It'll be close, but the Tigers will win as long as they don't bomb shooting Free Throws!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The whole enchilada

What a game it should be, unlike past title games there isn't a clear favorite

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