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Posted on: June 28, 2012 11:55 pm

The Worthless Bucks

Back in my youth, my friends would always ask me why do you always cheer for the Bucks? It was at that time the Chicago Bulls were the best team in the NBA, and were a short drive from Milwaukee, and many of my friends bandwagoned on to the Bulls and cheered for them while the Bucks were one of the worst teams in the league. Soon though things would change as the Bucks used their high draft picks, and built a team that was one of the best in the East, soon after though the team's chemistry was desroyed with the addition of Anthony Mason, and the Big 3 as they were called at the time were traded away soon after. After that, the Bucks have been mediocore fighting for the 8th seed every year, and either falling short or getting killed in the 1st round by a superior team. The only year unlike that was the Fear the Deer year where an undermanned Bucks team nearly upset the Hawks, but fell short in 7 games. So that begs the question, why are the Bucks stuck in this position?

It's actually pretty simple....Herb Kohl. Even since 1990, the Bucks have only made the playoffs 7 times and only one of those times have they actually won more then 1 series. To say that's bad is an understatement. In the NBA, it's pretty simple. You either want to be really bad(So you can accumulate high draft picks and try and build a team), a really good upcoming team(OKC Thunder from a few years ago), or an NBA Title Contender. Fair to say the Bucks are neither, and won't be until Herb Kohl is no longer owner of the Bucks and the team can get an Owner that actually wants to compete for an NBA Title. Until then, it'll be the same ole Worthless Milwaukee Bucks that make terrible draft picks(John Henson today), and overpay bad veterans(Drew Gooden).
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