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Posted on: March 17, 2008 8:15 pm
Edited on: March 17, 2008 8:18 pm

East Region 1st Round Predictions

East Regional Predictions

1. North Carolina vs Play in Game Winner              Final Score: 105  Play in Game Winner 75     North Carolina should win pretty easily here, not much resistance I think.  Like all 1-16 games expect a blowout.


2. Tennessee vs 15. American                        Final Score:   81  62      I think that it'll be a close game for about 15 minutes, but then I believe the shooting and depth of Tennessee will be too much for American.


3. Louisville vs 14. Boise State                        Final Score: 79    65        Louisville like last year I think will open up a huge lead with their athletes. Late Boise State might go on a little run to make it closer,  but Louisville won't be in trouble in this game.


4. Washington State vs 13 Winthrop               Final Score: 55     53         This is a game I feel could go either way. I just feel that this Washington State team that last year had a disappointing tournament won't bow out in the first round, it'll be a close game with Michael Jenkins jacking and making threes. 


5. Notre Dame vs 12. George Mason             Final Score: 75     66           This will be a tough game for Notre Dame, and it could be a good thing being battle tested after Round 1. George Mason obviously has Thomas and Campbell from the Final 4 team, but I think they'll come up just short against Notre Dame.


6. Oklahoma vs 11. Saint Josephs                 Final Score: 69      78             I got into an arguement with an Oklahoma fan about this game and I seriously feel OU can't stay with the Hawks. Saint Joe's has an experienced head coach in Phil Martelli, and a very good backcourt led by Tasheed Carr. They also have a very good front court in Pat Calathes and Ahmad Nivins. In the end I think it'll be too much for OU's team.


7. Butler vs 10. South Alabama                       Final Score: 55         61            I like the team with the experienced coach once again in Ronnie Arrow. South Alabama is playing a game that is essentially a home game and even though Butler returns all those guys from last year in Green and in Graves I see the Jaguars pulling a minor upset in Birmingham.


 8. Indiana vs 9. Arkansas                                Final Score: 65       71          Indiana fans are complaing that their seed is too low, but considering what they did lately maybe did deserve this. This team is better then Arkansas at full strength essentially when they had Sampson, but Dakich hasn't done much as coach and with Arkansas playing better lately I like them winning and sending Indiana home as they watch Eric Gordon and DJ White play for the last time.



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