Posted on: July 7, 2008 9:29 pm
Edited on: July 9, 2008 4:15 pm

Graystork did it, Best Damn Poll in the Land

Well, Graystork another one of those pollsters in the "Best Damn Poll in the Land" released his top 25, I'll do it as well. It's a bit different from my rankings in my Breakdown of College Football, and it's not indepth.

Badgers Ballers Preseason Top 25 for the "Best Damn Poll in the Land"

  1. Georgia-They in my opinion have the most talent, I think they lose one game, but they'll still win the National Title.
  2. Ohio State-Return a lot of talent from two straight BCS Bowl Game Appearences.
  3. USC-They continue to reload and have the easiest of any of the schedules of teams in the top 5.
  4. Oklahoma-They might be Chokelahoma, but they still have loads of talent.
  5. Florida-I don't trust that defense, yet. If that defense improves this team could easily run the table.
  6. Missouri-Can they beat Oklahoma this season?
  7. Auburn-This team will have a smashmouth defense and an improved offense.
  8. LSU-They would be top 5 with an experienced quarterback.
  9. WVU-They still have Pat White and that in my opinion still makes them a top 10 team.
  10. Wisconsin-Return 18 starters from a 9 win team, and they have a favorable schedule.
  11. Texas-Can Will Muschamp turn around an awful pass defense?
  12. Clemson-Will this be the year that Clemson doesn't choke and they can finally win the ACC?
  13. Texas Tech-Is this the year that Texas Tech breaks through with an extremely potent offense?
  14. Virginia Tech-They continue to win even without elite talent, it helps that they play in the worst BCS Conference.
  15. Oregon-My suprise team of this year. They'll have a very good defense with an elite secondary and Chip Kelley will produce a quarterback that can run his spread.
  16. Arizona State-Can they do it again this year with a harder schedule?
  17. Penn State-Likely JoePa's last year, but can they overcome the off field problems?
  18. BYU-Best Non-BCS Team in my opinion, Max Hall is the best quarterback you've never heard of.
  19. Illinois-Can the Zooker produce another Rose Bowl bid at Illinois?
  20. Fresno State-They play a super tough non-conference schedule, if they go 3-0 with it they deserve a BCS Bid.
  21. Tennessee-How will the lose of Erik Ainge and David Cutcliffe affect this team?
  22. Kansas-Will they be able have another great year with a real schedule?
  23. Cincinnati-If they can find a quarterback watch out Oklahoma this team could catch you off guard.
  24. Pitt-This team has a great running back and a good defense, now if only the Porn Stache could coach?
  25. Michigan State-They have one of the best running backs in the country in Javon Ringer and they have a very good coach in Mark Dantonio.

Other Considered: Wake Forest(ACC), USF(Big East), Rutgers(Big East just for you Graystork), South Carolina(SEC), Boise State(WAC) Alabama(SEC)

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