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Posted on: September 7, 2008 11:26 am
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The Best Damn Poll in the Land after Week 2

What a week of College Football? ECU shocked the world again, Ohio State struggled with Ohio, Wisconsin struggled with Marshall for one quarter, and Florida actually has a defense this year.

Georgia Bulldogs logo1. Georgia(1)-The Bulldogs looked really good, and they will stay my #1 until next week when the winner of the USC-OSU game will likely jump them. Knowshon Moreno looked really good, and Matt Stafford threw a few touchdowns. The defense struggled a little bit, but CMU has a really good offense so that's not embarrassing. Next Week: @South Carolina

Southern Cal. Trojans logo2. USC(2)-The Trojans had a week off as they prepare to play Ohio State at home. Next Week: Ohio State

Oklahoma Sooners logo3. Oklahoma(3)-This offense maybe the best offense that Bob Stoops has ever had. They have a good quarterback, excellent running backs, good receivers, and the best offensive line in the country. I do think though that they did run up the score, but still the Sooners really impressed me. Cincinnati is a pretty good team, and OU just pummelled them winning by 26. Next Week: @Washington

Florida Gators logo4. Florida(5)-The Gators didn't look great on offense, but the defense looked excellent. I realize that Miami(FL) doesn't have a great offense by any means, but they still were able to completely dominate them. The running game of UF wasn't that good, and if they want to win the SEC they need to improve that. Next Week: BYE

LSU Tigers logo5. LSU(6)-The LSU Fighting Tigers didn't play this week because the game against Troy was postponed until November 15th. Next Week: North Texas

Missouri Tigers logo6. Missouri(7)-The Missouri offense continues to looked spectacular as they put up over 50 points for the 2nd straight week. Chase Daniel was nearly perfect completing 16 of 17 passes with 3 touchdowns. The running game looked good as well, and the defense looked better, but you expect to looke good when you play a team like Southeast Missouri State. Next Week: Nevada

Auburn Tigers logo7. Auburn(8)-The Tigers seem to finally have their starting quarterback as Chris Todd looked solid against a pretty good Southern Miss team. The defense was able to do a pretty good job against an explosive Southern Miss offense that is led by Damion Fletcher and DeAndre Brown at receiver. The offense needs to improve though if they want to win the SEC West. Next Week: @Mississippi State

Ohio St. Buckeyes logo8. Ohio State(4)-The Buckeyes looked terrible, and the SEC Homers are out starting threads about them. The defense wasn't shutdown like it usually is, and the offense really struggled without Chris Wells. If the Buckeyes want any chance to beat USC next week they need Chris Wells healthy, and Todd Boeckman to play better. Next Week: @USC

Wisconsin Badgers logo9. Wisconsin(10)-The Wisconsin Badgers also struggled for a little bit against a lesser opponent like Ohio State, but they were able to put Marshall away after the 3rd quarter, and they ended up pulling away and winning by 37. The defense made some plays in the 2nd half, and thats a good sign for Wisconsin. They do have a tough game next week against Fresno State though. Next Week: @Fresno State

Texas Longhorns logo10. Texas(11)-Well the Texas defense proved it again, and they were able to shut down the UTEP offense. Colt McCoy put up his 2nd straight excellent game, and if he keeps this up he could be in the Heisman Discussion. The running game looked solid, but it was so good for Texas to have McCoy put up another good game. It looks like Texas could challenge OU in the Big XII South. Next Week: Arkansas

Oregon Ducks logo11. Oregon(12)-The Ducks offense no longer should have any questions. The Ducks had 688 yards of total offense, and Justin Roper looked really good. Not only that, but the running game looked unstoppable with 3 guys over 70 yards. Though the defense gave up over 300 yards most of those yards were against the backups. Next Week: @Purdue

Penn St. Nittany Lions logo12. Penn State(14)-Wow.....PSU was able to put together another great performance as they blew out Oregon State. Daryl Clark looked really good, and the offense looked high powered. The defense looked like a shut down defense limiting Oregon State to only 14 points. PSU has started off the season great, but can they keep this up? They started off great last season before struggling early in the Big Ten schedule. Next Week: @Syracuse

Arizona St. Sun Devils logo13. Arizona State(13)-The Sun Devils looked very good against Stanford. They were able to win 41-17, and Carpenter looked excellent throwing for 345 yards and 3 touchdowns. The defense also looked pretty good, and they were able to hold them to 233 yards. A problem I see is the running game of ASU. They need to improve that if they want to beat UGA. Next Week: UNLV

East Carolina Pirates logo14. ECU(21)-The run of the ECU Pesky Pirates continues as they were able to dominate West Virginia at home. The offense was able to dominate the game against the WVU defense, and the defense of ECU was able to shut down WVU's high powered offense. This tells me that ECU has a top notch offense, and it also tells me that ECU has a very solid offense. ECU now will be favored in the rest of their games, but they should watch out for Southern Miss and UCF in conference. Next Week: @Tulane

Fresno St. Bulldogs logo15. Fresno State(17)-The Bulldogs didn't play this week, but they do play Wisconsin at home next week. Next Week: Wisconsin

Alabama Crimson Tide logo16. Alabama(15)-Well Alabama fell back to earth after blowing out Clemson the previous week. Tulane actually outplayed Alabama and they had 200 less yards then the Green Wave. Luckily the special teams came up big twice scoring both of Alabama's touchdowns. If the special teams don't do this, I think Alabama goes down. Next Week: Western Kentucky

Texas Tech Red Raiders logo17. Texas Tech(16)-Graham Harrell struggled a lot against Nevada, and this isn't a good sign for the Red Raiders. The defense doesn't look that great either. I expect Harrell to overcome this bad game, but if he can't Uh Oh. The Red Raiders could possibly fall to an 8-4 or 7-5 season. Next Week: SMU

West Virginia Mountaineers logo18. West Virginia(9)-The Sheep Luvers looked awful last week. The defense struggled against ECU's offense, and Pat White and Co. were completely shut down by the ECU defense. If I was a Sheep Luvers fan I'd be a bit worried. The defense looks pretty average, and the strength of the team the offense doesn't looked much better. This season may be the end to WVU's dominance of the Big East. Next Week: BYE

Kansas Jayhawks logo19. Kansas(19)-Kansas has looked pretty good so far, but I don't think this team will end the season in the top 25. The offense looked pretty good with Reesing throwing for over 400 yards, and the defense looked dominant shutting down Louisiana Tech. I think that Kansas will have some trouble next week and I think USF upsets the Jayhawks. Next Week: @USF

BYU Cougars logo20. BYU(18)-BYU got lucky against Washington when a garbage call gave the Cougars the win. I really think that Washington would've won the game because of the momentum. The defense really struggled against Locker, and they need to improve that if they want to go to a BCS Bowl. Max Hall looked good like usual, and the running game was solid, but this isn't a BCS team in my opinion. Next Week: UCLA

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo21. Wake Forest(23)-What a game for Wake Forest. They were able to lead a drive late in the game, and they were able to give the ACC some credit. Riley Skinner looked poised late in the game as he led the Deacons to a late win. This was the type of the game that Wake Forest needs and it shows that when the game is close late, Wake Forest can trust Skinner, and he will give them a chance to win. Next Week: BYE

South Florida Bulls logo22. USF(22)-The Bulls completely dominated UCF, but despite this they had to go to overtime to beat UCF. The reason was because of turnovers and UCF was able to use those turnovers to make a game out of this. The Bulls offense still looked good getting over 500 yards, and the defense looked good holding UCF to 226 yards. If USF wants to win the Big East though they need to limit the turnovers. Next Week: Kansas

Clemson Tigers logo23. Clemson(24)-The Tigers were able to recover from the Week 1 disaster, and dominate The Citadel. CJ Spiller rushed for 3 touchdowns, and him and James Davis finally looked like Thunder and Lightning. Cullen Harper looked solid, but the defense still doesn't look that great. They gave up 427 yards to The Citadel, and they really need to improve that come Conference play. Next Week: NC State

Illinois Fighting Illini logo24. Illinois(25)-The Illini's offense looked unstoppable against Eastern Illinois, and the defense looked very good as well. Besides the first few drives Eastern Illinois wasn't able to come up with anything on the offensive side of the ball. Juice Williams needs to cut down on the turnovers, or Illinois will not be ranked in the top 25 by seasons end. Next Week: La-Lafeyette

California Golden Bears logo25. Cal(NR)-The Golden Bears looked pretty good against a pretty bad Wazzu team. The Bears ended up winning 66-3, and Javhid Best put on a clinic rushing for over 200 yards. The defense looked very good as well, and it seems that Cal is over last season's late season blunder. Kevin Riley also looks very good at quarterback, and Cal now has to be in the discussion for a possible Rose Bowl berth. Next Week: @Maryland

On the Cusp: Virginia Tech, Utah, Michigan State, Cincinnati, UCLA

Best Games of Week 3:

Ohio State vs USC-The key to this game is the health of Beanie Wells.

Wisconsin vs Fresno State-The Bulldogs need to stop PJ Hill if they want to win.

UCLA vs BYU-Is UCLA for real?

Kansas vs USF-I think Kansas' free fall will start here.

Oregon vs Purdue-This game will give Oregon's defensive backs a test early in the season.

Heisman Rankings:

  1. Chase Daniel(Missouri)-He's looked the best by far. He's put together two excellent games.
  2. Tim Tebow(Florida)-He doesn't have the numbers that Daniel has, but it's early.
  3. Knowshon Moreno(UGA)-He looked spectacular against CMU.
  4. Mark Sanchex(USC)-He had a Bye.
  5. Chris 'Beanie' Wells(Ohio State)-He didn't play, but he'll stay on for at least one more week.

Best of the rest:  PJ Hill(Wisconsin),  Sam Bradford(Oklahoma), Michael Crabtree(Texas Tech), Jeremy Maclin(Missouri),  Juice Williams(Illinois), Colt McCoy(Texas), Max Hall(BYU), and Percy Harvin(Florida), Pat White(WVU).

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