Posted on: June 28, 2012 11:55 pm

The Worthless Bucks

Back in my youth, my friends would always ask me why do you always cheer for the Bucks? It was at that time the Chicago Bulls were the best team in the NBA, and were a short drive from Milwaukee, and many of my friends bandwagoned on to the Bulls and cheered for them while the Bucks were one of the worst teams in the league. Soon though things would change as the Bucks used their high draft picks, and built a team that was one of the best in the East, soon after though the team's chemistry was desroyed with the addition of Anthony Mason, and the Big 3 as they were called at the time were traded away soon after. After that, the Bucks have been mediocore fighting for the 8th seed every year, and either falling short or getting killed in the 1st round by a superior team. The only year unlike that was the Fear the Deer year where an undermanned Bucks team nearly upset the Hawks, but fell short in 7 games. So that begs the question, why are the Bucks stuck in this position?

It's actually pretty simple....Herb Kohl. Even since 1990, the Bucks have only made the playoffs 7 times and only one of those times have they actually won more then 1 series. To say that's bad is an understatement. In the NBA, it's pretty simple. You either want to be really bad(So you can accumulate high draft picks and try and build a team), a really good upcoming team(OKC Thunder from a few years ago), or an NBA Title Contender. Fair to say the Bucks are neither, and won't be until Herb Kohl is no longer owner of the Bucks and the team can get an Owner that actually wants to compete for an NBA Title. Until then, it'll be the same ole Worthless Milwaukee Bucks that make terrible draft picks(John Henson today), and overpay bad veterans(Drew Gooden).
Posted on: January 10, 2012 3:04 am

Alabama should not finish #1

........Wait....What? How dare I question the legitimacy of an SEC team being #1, but I'm doing that. Heck, they shouldn't even be #2, and it's beyond pathetic that they'll win another National Title so Alabama can claim another undeserving National Championship. Don't worry though SEC honks, the #1 team is from the SEC so you can win your 6th National Title in a row, and try convince other people that it somehow helps your team, and that the 12th best SEC team could win 8-9 games in every other conference and that the only reason those teams suck is because of the greatness of the SEC.

Now, why should Alabama not finish the year in the top 2? It's pretty simple actually. Just compare the resumes of the the Alabama Crimson Tide with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the LSU Tigers as well. Oklahoma State will finish the season with 4 wins over teams in the top 16, and that doesn't include wins over Texas, and Missouri who both finished just outside the top 25. Alabama on the other hand beat a top 5 Arkansas team(Who for the record is not a top 5 team), and LSU on a neutral field. Oklahoma State has the higher SOS then Alabama, and for the longest time we've heard of when all things being equal we should look at who played the Strength of Schedule, and Oklahoma State beat Alabama. Alabama may have the better loss, but Oklahoma State played the tougher schedule, and had 6 very good wins, while Alabama had 2 very good wins. There is no reason that Oklahoma State shouldn't finish above Alabama, and quite honestly when your best argument is, "Well, we lost to a better team" then you should shut up right there because that is a tired argument.

On the other side the comparison between LSU, and Alabama is also quite interesting. The LSU Tigers beat the Big East Champion, the Pac 12 Champion, the BCS National Champion, a Top 5 Arkansas team, and a top 20 Georgia team. Like said earlier in this post, the only wins of note for Alabama is a win over LSU on a neutral field, and Arkansas at home. While you may say, "Well, Alabama beat LSU easily on a neutral field" you also forget that LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa so if you're going to bring up the game just played, why can't I bring up the game played a few months ago. As far as I'm concerned they cancel out, and LSU went on a great win with quality after quality victories as they put together one of the best College Football resumes in recent memory.

The thing probably worst about the evening though, is the fact that we had this game played anyways. Alabama already had their chance when they had the more favorable SEC Schedule with their two toughest challenges for the SEC West being played in Tuscaloosa. It should've never happened as Alabama already blew their chance, and it should've been Oklahoma State playing all along, and even if the Cowboys would've gotten blown out it wouldn't have changed my opinion that the Cowboys deserved their shot at LSU. We hear so often how College Football is the only sport where every single game matters, and using this logic there is clearly one team that deserves to be #1, and that is the LSU Tigers. At the same time there is one team that deserves to be #2, and that is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Alabama may have won the National Title in 2011, and while I should be happy because I picked them in the preseason, I'm not. As a grave injustice was done to College Football when these two teams had to play again, and for so long we heard how you have to win your conference to play in the National Title Game.....Guess that isn't the case when it involves Alabama. Next time ESPN, be consistent, and not hypocritical.
Posted on: December 9, 2009 10:39 pm

We'll be Fine.....

I know....We just lost to fricking UW-Green Bay....A UWGB team that we should be beating by 15+.....A UWGB team that shot 50% from 3 point range, and 50%+ from the field.

But we'll be fine this season. It's just one game, people freak out over one like this all the time.The Badger have 20+ more to play, and we'll rebound from this. Just like we did when we lost to Missouri State, and at one point that season we were ranked #1. Just like when they lost to Pepperdine, we rebounded and won the Big Ten that season.

Give credit where credit it due though. UWGB played great, and they have a fantastic backcourt. Their frontcourt also played possibly their best game of the season. Also give credit to the UWGB fans who played a big part in the game giving UWGB another advantage.

Congrats UWGB you were the better team today, but we'll recover and still win 20+ games.
Posted on: August 23, 2009 12:59 am

Illinois, The Only Real Threat to PSU and tOSU

Say what???? Thats right.....Take this one to the bank, and if this isn't true you can call me at the end of the season, but the Illinois Illini are the only real threat to Penn State and Ohio State in the Big Ten. Yes, I know they just finished a 5-7 season, and yes I know who their coach is, but despite that they have the most favorable schedule in the Big Ten, and the best offense as well.

Last year was a tough one for the Illini. They were coming off of a Rose Bowl season, and had high expectations for the first time in a long time. Some people thought they would be able to challenge in the Big Ten, and be a top 15 team, but that never materialized, and they struggled to a 5-7 team.

From last year, the Illini return 13 starters, and they are once again led by QB Juice Williams. Last year, Juice took a step back, and despite throwing for 22 TD's he also threw 17 INT's....Expect the TD's to stay about the same, but the INT's to be about half from what it was last year. At RB they return Daniel Dufrene, and Jason Ford. Now, neither guy is as good as somebody like Rashard Mendenhall, but combined they rushed for nearly 1000 yards. Expect Jason Ford to really step up this season, and rush for nearly 1000 yards while Dufrene puts up similar numbers to what he did last season. Illinois also has one of the best group of WR's in the country. Arrelious 'Rejus' Benn is the best WR in the country this side of Dez Bryant, and is an absoloute freak of nature. Jeff Cumberland is solid, and Michael Hommanawanui is a solid TE, but the real story might be the arrival of UF transfer Jarred Fayson. He'll force teams to not double cover Arrelious 'Rejus' Benn, and allow Benn to get into the endzone more this season. One the Offensive Line they lose Xavier Fulton, and Ryan McDonald, but expect improvement from last season with 3 returning starters.

The defensive end is a little different story. On the Defensive Line they lose David Lindquist, Will Davis, and Derek Walker from last season, but they do return Josh Brent, and Doug Pilcher. Last year, Illinois struggled against the run, so they do needed improvement on the DL. At LB they lose leading tackler Britt Miller, but they do return Martez Wilson, who finally lived up to the hype last season. Expect Wilson to have another huge season. At DB they lose 1st Round Pick Vontae Davis, but despite this they return plenty of guys with experience, so even though they lose their top guy to the pros expect this unit to improve.

Also, last season Illinois had 27 starts missed because of injury, and were outgaining their opponents by an average of just over 85 yards a game...Not to mention the fact they should be able to limit the turnovers more this season.....All of these factor into them having a better season then last.

Now, the real reason that I see Illinois being this good is because of the schedule....They have a very favorable schedule, and should be able to go at the very least 5-3 in conference, while more likely going 6-2.

Here's how I see the team breaking week to week:

Sept 5th Missouri(St. Louis)-Missouri has won the last 2 games in this rivalry, but don't expect it this year. Missouri lost Chase Daniel, Tommy Saunders, Jeremy Maclin, and Chase Coffman from last year's team, and from what I've heard Blaine Gabbert is pretty much all hype. The defense probably won't improve even though they have a great group of LB's....Expect a 14-17 point from the Illini.

Sept 12th Illinois State-ISU is not a very good team, and with this game being at home, expect an Illini beatdown.

Sept 26th @Ohio State-This is probably the best time for any team to be playing this young Ohio State team, and that is in the begginning of conference play. The Buckeyes will still be young, and inexperienced in this game, but very talented. Last year, Illinois outgained Ohio State last season, but lost by 10. Expect this game to be closer, and it will come down to the end, although I do think that Ohio State pulls it out.

Oct 3rd Penn State-In my honest opinion, this is the game that Penn State is most likely to drop this season. It's on the road, they'll be coming off of a tough game, and it'll be Big Ten Home Opener for Illinois. Penn State has some major concerns in their secondary, and just like last season I expect Arrelious 'Rejus" Benn to burn them big time. This game could go either way.

Oct 10th Michigan State-I'm not buying into the MSU hype like everybody else it. Michigan State does have one of the best defenses in the Big Ten, but I think the offense will have some problems this year. I think that losing Hoyer will hurt more then they expect, and Ringer meant so much to that offense. This game should a lower scoring affair, but Illinois should be able to pull away in the 4th.

Oct 17th @Indiana-Perfect week for Illinois....They play 3 straight tough games, and get rewarded by playing the worst team in the Big Ten.

Oct 24th @Purdue-The Boilers aren't as bad as IU, but they're pretty bad as well. I do think this game should be close going into the 4th mainly because it's on the road, but Illinois should be able to win this one by 10-17 points. Expect a big day from Juice Williams, and the Illini Receiving Corps.

Oct 31st Michigan-teddydupay4's Wolverines should be able to improve this season, and not have the worst D1 QB ever behind center, but the offense will most likely have to play catch up with Illinois all day, and they aren't built for that.

Nov 7th @Minnesota-This is a huge trap game for Illini. I don't think that Minnesota will be that great next season, and even though they return a lot of starters with a much harder schedule they'll probably struggle more. Last season, Minnesota was able to take advantage of some Illini turnovers, and win despite giving up 550 yards of total offense. Minnesota should be able to put some points up, but I don't think they'll stop Illinois' offense. Close game here though, slight advantage to Illinois.

Nov 14th Northwestern-Last year the Wildcats were able to destroy Illinois' bowl hopes in the final game of the season, and win the rivalry game over the Illini. They return a fair amount from last year, and should be a bowl team again this season, although I do see a dropoff from last season. It's a rivalry game so anything could happen in this one, but Illinois should pull this one out at home.

Nov 27th @Cincinnati-Last year the Bearcats played in arguably the most boring BCS bowl game ever losing to Virginia Tech 20-7. The Bearcats lose a lot from the defensive side of the ball, but they do return 10 starters on offense so they should be able to put some points up. I see the Bearcats taking a step back, and finishing 3rd-5th in the Big East, That being said I think Cincy has a good shot to knock Illinois off. This game should be played in the 30's and 40's

Dec 5th Fresno State-Well, Illinois broke the cardinal sin, and decided to play in December....Still, at least they did a good thing, and decided to schedule a half decent team....That being said I don't see Fresno State being as good as people and say. With the loss of Pascoe, and Brandstater I don't think they can win this one in Champaign. In Fresno this game is a complete different story, but the Illini take this one.

There you go, I know a lot of people agree, and disagree with me on this one....Just provided how I see it breaking down, and I think Illinois will go anywhere from 8-4 to 12-0 this season.  Should be a great season though....

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BB has lasted One year on Sportsline

I just checked the date, and I just realized that I made it one year on Sportsline. I still can't believe it. Arguing with people on the College Basketball Board, and College Football Board. I'm not going to give some speech to make people feel better, but I have noticed something. The only crappy thing about posting is that since I've started post Wisconsin has nearly sucked as much as King's crappy Aggies. Maybe I should stop posting on here, so my team won't be so crappy, oh well I guess the Badgers will be almost as crummy as the Texas A&M Aggies.Yell

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Potential Cinderallas in the 2009 NCAA Tournament

<o:p>With College Basketball right around the corner, I was thinking about a few potential Mid-Major teams that could make some noise in the NCAA Tournament. Now I'm not going to list teams from Atlantic 10, Conference USA, MWC or teams that are getting consideration as a top 25 team because I don't consider those teams to be Cinderella teams as a lot of those teams have gotten some preseason hype. </o:p>


Cornell Big Red logoCornell Big Red(Ivy League)-This team has the potential to be the best team in the Ivy League since the great Princeton team of 1996. Cornell has a great backcourt led by guards  Ryan Wittman and Louis Dale. All of them are great 3 point shooters, and the 3 point line moving back shouldn't affect them at all. Losing center Jason Hartford will hurt, but Cornell has enough returning to offset that. Adam Foote should continue to improve, and he should be able to average close to a double-double. Marc Van Burck should also make an impact inside, but even without him this Cornell would be special. Right now, Cornell looks like the best in the Ivy League by far. The return of the 3 guards, and the development of Adam Foote give them a chance to suprise somebody in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament. <o:p></o:p>

Siena Saints logoSiena Saint(MAAC)-Last season Siena was able to blitz Vanderbilt in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament blowing them out 82-63. Eventhough they lost in the next round to Villanova 84-72 it showed that Siena has the potential to play with the best teams in the country. With the return of 6 of their top 7 players it looks like Siena should be even better this season. The biggest loss for Siena is the loss of 5th leading scorer Tay Foster, who was an excellent three point shooter, but the Saints have enough returning to make up for that loss. Kenny Hasbrouck, Alex Franklin and Edwin Ubiles all averaged over 10 points a game, and they all returns. All three of them are All-Conference players, and all 3 of them will be in the running for MAAC Player of the Year. Siena also returns point guard Ronald Moore, and forward Josh Duell. Moore should be better on his 2nd year of starting at point guard for Siena, and expect Siena to push the ball a lot this upcoming season. Overall, expect Siena to play tough against somebody in the 1st or 2nd round of the tournament. They have excellent shooters, and push the tempo. The key to beating this team it play good perimeter defense, and slowing down the tempo. <o:p></o:p>

VCU Rams logoVirginia Commonwealth Rams(CAA)-With the return of CAA Player of the Year Eric Maynor it looks like the Rams will once again be a force in the 3rd year for Coach Anthony Grant. Last year, VCU ran through the CAA with a 15-3 regular season record, but they were suprised by William & Mary in the Semifinals of the CAA Tournament, and they were left out of the NCAA Tournament. Losing Jamal Shuler will hurt, but the Rams are hoping for big seasons from two sophmores, who contributed in their freshman seasons. Sanders is one of the better defensive players in the CAA as a freshman, and he should continue to improve on that this season. Kearse has the potential to be a force on the offense, and he showed that at the end of the season last year. Also returning is guard Joey Rodriguez, who was the teams 4th leading scorer as a freshman. He likely won't start this year though because of the return of Maynor, but expect to see a lot of him playing the 1, and moving Maynor over to the 2. This VCU team looks like a force again. They'll be battle tested in the tough CAA with George Mason, Drexel, Hofstra, and Old Dominion all looking like they'll have solid teams this year. That being said, I do think two teams get into the NCAA Tournament from this conference. <o:p></o:p>

Belmont Bruins logoBelmont Bruins(Atlantic Sun)-Last time we saw the Bruins they were challenging Duke in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament, and they were one score away from pulling off a huge upset. With the return of 4 starters it looks like Belmont will be dangerous again. Losing Justin Hare will be tough, but Belmont has enough to make up for the loss. Shane Dansby is the top returning scorer and rebounder. He will be Belmont's best player this season, and he'll get the ball in the clutch. Also returning is forward Matthew Dotson, and guard Andy Wicke. Both are great three point shooters, and they combined for nearly 150 three pointers last season. Belmont should also be very deep with the return of their top 3 players off the bench and all three averaged at least 6 points a game. With the return of 7 of their top 8 players Belmont will be the team to beat in the Atlantic Sun. Jacksonville may challenge them, but I see Belmont pulling it off. Coach Rick Byrd is one of the best in the buisiness, and expect Belmont to be playing in March again. <o:p></o:p>

American Eagles logoAmerican Eagles(Patriot League)-Early on it looked like American was going to go through a struggle, but they were to get hot late, and then sweep through the Patriot League Tournament on their way to the NCAA Tournament. With the return of Garrison Carr and Derrick Mercer in the backcourt expect American to have the best backcourt in the conference. Both guys can defend, and they also are deadly from the outside. Bryce Simon returns at the Small Forward position, while Brian Gilmore should break in at the other forward position after serving as the 6th man last year. The big loss for this team is the loss of forward Cornelio Guibunda, but many feel that South Florida transfer Frane Markusovic. American has the tools that most Mid-Majors need to upset higher seeded teams, and thats a good backcourt. Look for this team to possibly give a 5th seed or a 4th seed a tough game in the 1st round, but they do need to get past Navy first in the Patriot League. <o:p></o:p>

Creighton Bluejays logoCreighton Blue Jays(Missouri Valley)-Creighton was extremely young last year, but they were still able to put together a solid team. With the return of 4 out of 5 starters expect Creighton to be the best team in a weaker Missouri Valley Conference. P'Allen Stinnett was the top scorer for Creighton last season as a freshman, and he should put up bigger numbers in his 2nd year of college basketball. Booker Woodfox, Josh Dotzler and Cavel Witter also return in the backcourt giving  Creighton the best backcourt in the Missouri Valley. Kenny Lawson Jr. returns up front,  and he should be able to improve in his sophmore season. The bench was also solid last season, and they should be very good as well. The biggest losses this team endured was the loss of guard Nick Bahe, and Dana Watts, but expect Dana Altman to have another good team in Creighton, and expect another tournament berth. <o:p></o:p>

Western Mich. Broncos logoWestern Michigan Broncos(Mid-American Conference)-Western Michigan was able to win the MAC West last season, and with the return of MAC Player of the Year David Kool it looks like they should win it again. The big loss for WMU is the loss of center Joe Reitz. Donald Lawson is expected to replace Reitz inside, but he doesn't need to put up huge numbers because of the experience the Broncos have returning. Western Michigan returns 5 of their 6 top players, and 4 of those guys are seniors telling you that this team not only is extremely hungry and talented, but experienced as well. As I look more at this team, the more I like. Many are saying that Kent State, Miami(OH), Akron or Eastern Michigan should win this conference, but I go to disagree with them and take this Western Michigan team. <o:p></o:p>

Wright St. Raiders logoWright State Raiders(Horizon League)-The past few years the Horizon League Champions have made some noise in the NCAA Tournament with Butler, and Wisconsin-Milwaukee both making runs in the NCAA Tournament. The Raiders return two seniors in the backcourt in Vaughn Duggins, and Todd Brown. They also return guards Will Graham, and Troy Tabler so the backcourt should be set, and have no problems. Up front they lose Jordan Pleiman, and they're counting on two seniors. Cory Copperword, and Scott Grote are two highly thought of transfers, and they'll be the key to how good Wright State is. If they are able to contribute I do think Wright State will be the best team in the Horizon. If not, then Wright State will likely go to the CBI or the NIT, and finish behind UW-Green Bay, and Cleveland State. Still this team is dangerous, and could make some noise in March. <o:p></o:p>

San Diego Toreros logoSan Diego Toreros(West Coast Conference)-Okay I lied a little bit, San Diego is getting some top 25 consideration, but I still think this team is running under the radar. Remember this team knocked off Preseason Top 5 UConn last season in the NCAA Tournament. If I'm not mistake San Diego doesn't lose single player from last season's team so experience won't be the issue. Brandon Johnson is one of the best guards you've never heard of, and had his best games against big name opponents(UConn, Kentucky). Gyno Pomare had a huge game against UConn last year, and was able to play brillantly against Hasheem Thabeet. Rob Jones had a really good freshman season, and he returns as well. De'Jon Jackson was the guy, who hit the stunner to beat UConn, and should continue to be a solid contributer. Overall, San Diego is probably the best of the bunch I just listed. I do think they are the 2nd best team in the WCC, and Gonzaga should watch out because this team will challenge them. <o:p></o:p>

Other Teams to Watch: South Alabama(Sun Belt Conference), George Mason(CAA), Cleveland State(Horizon League), Drexel(CAA), Kent State(Mid-American Conference), Oakland(Summit League), Gardner-Webb(Big South)

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The Best Damn Poll in the Land after Week 4

Another great week! LSU was able to stun Auburn on the plains, UGA was able to win in the desert, the Terrelle Pryor era started, Alabama made a statement, ECU's BCS run has ended, and Boise State's has begun. The number in parenthesis are where I ranked them the previous week. I'm going to guess I'm the earliest to post my ballot.

Southern Cal. Trojans logo1. USC(1)-The Trojans didn't play anyone this week after dismantling the Buckeyes last week. They do kick off the Pac 10 season next week against a team that suprised them a few years ago. Next Week: @Oregon State

Georgia Bulldogs logo2. Georgia(2)-The Bulldogs looked awfully good against a pretty good team in ASU in a hostile environment. Knowshon Moreno put on a show and continues to be in the running for the Heisman. AJ Green had a breakout game, and Matt Stafford looked solid again. This team looked really good against a pretty good team, but they do have a huge game next week against the Crimson Tide. Next Week: Alabama

Oklahoma Sooners logo3. Oklahoma(3)-The Sooners had a bye this week after whipping Washington last week. Next Week: TCU

Florida Gators logo4. Florida(4)-The Gators looked terrific against Tennessee and they didn't beat them with their offense. The defense was able to shut down the Tennessee offense, and the UF special teams were able to make huge plays. Imagine how good this team will be if the offense starts playing like last year? They might not have to with the way they're playing on the defensive side of the ball. Next Week: Ole Miss

LSU Tigers logo5. LSU(5)-What a game! The Tigers offensively struggled throughout the 1st half, but they were able to pick it up, and pull out a thrilling victory on the road against Auburn. Jarrett Lee was able to make some great throws, and Charles Scott looked great at running back. This team looks like it is the class of the SEC West early on, but I repeat for LSU fans. You guys aren't guaranteed to win the SEC West even with this great win. Next Week: Mississippi State

Missouri Tigers logo6. Missouri(6)-The Tigers offense continues to put up huge numbers, and the offense is going up and down the field. Chase Daniel continues to be a leading Heisman Candidate, and Jeremy Maclin is also helping his Heisman cause. The defense though isn't struggling still, and if they want to win the Big XII they need to improve that. They had a bit of trouble this week, but I think it's more because of Buffalo then Missouri. Next Week: Bye

Wisconsin Badgers logo7. Wisconsin(7)-The Badgers had a bye week this week, but they kick off the Big Ten season next week against Michigan. Next Week: @Michigan

Texas Longhorns logo8. Texas(8)-The Longhorns continue to impress, and Colt McCoy is putting up huge numbers for the Longhorns. The running game doesn't look great, but the Longhorns continue to put up huge numbers. The defense has looked a lot better compared to last year, but until they play a legit team we won't know. Playing Arkansas is not a legit team, and I expect the Longhorns to roll. So far, so good for Texas. Next Week: Arkansas

Alabama Crimson Tide logo9. Alabama(14)-The Tide continue to roll as they were able to dominate on the defensive end of the ball and they continue to run the ball well. Glen Coffee, and Mark Ingram are an excellet running duo, and Julio Jones is starting to make plays at receiver. Still, the face of this team is a smash mouth defense, and a run based offense. Huge game next week against UGA. Next Week: @UGA

Penn St. Nittany Lions logo10. Penn State(10)-I'm not going to move up this team anymore till they play a real team. The offense looks really good with Daryl Clark at quarterback, and the skill position players, but until they play somebody they aren't anything higher then #10. The defense continues to look good even without Sean Lee, and the real season starts next week. Next Week: Illinois

Auburn Tigers logo11. Auburn(9)-Auburn fought hard, and hadn't been for the 3rd quarter they would've been able to pull out a win against LSU. The quarterback play looked a lot better, and so did the offense. They were able to put up 21 points on a really good defense. The defense also looked pretty good, and they were able to rattle to LSU quarterbacks a little bit. Next Week: Tennessee

Ohio St. Buckeyes logo12. Ohio State(12)-The Buckeyes looked unimpressive in another win, but I was impressed with Pryor. Terrelle Pryor was able to make good throws, and he made some plays on the ground. The defense continues to look solid, but they need Chris Wells for the game in a few weeks at Wisconsin. Next Week: Minnesota

Texas Tech Red Raiders logo13. Texas Tech(15)-The Red Raiders offense was able to make big plays again against a terrible team again. Graham Harrell continues to look good, and so does the receiving core. The defense is looking better, but that rumor that Texas Tech was going to have a pretty good defense this year seems to be false. Still this team should be pretty good, and be able to contend in the Big XII South. Next Week: Bye

BYU Cougars logo14. BYU(17)-After being handed the game a few weeks ago because of bad officiating it seems that BYU has righted the ship. Max Hall continues to put insane numbers, and he's slowly become a legit Heisman Candidate. Harvey Unga continues to put up solid numbers at running back, and the defense looks solid. This team seems like the most likely to be able to break through into the BCS, but they better not look ahead to the game against Utah. Next Week: Bye

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo15. Wake Forest(19)-Wake Forest was able to get a big win on the road, and it looks like they are still the class of the ACC. The defense was able to dominate FSU forcing 7 turnovers, but had it not been for an inconsistant kicking game, and offense Wake would've put a complete beatdown on FSU. Still though it's a very good win. Next Week: Navy

South Florida Bulls logo16. USF(16)-No excuse for South Florida playing bad against FIU, but they are still a good team, and I think this was just a bad game. The Bulls played FIU a team that had won 1 game over the past 2 seasons, and only could beat them by 8 points. The Bulls might've just been still celebrating the win over Kansas from last week, and I don't think they continue it. Trap game next week. Next Week: @NC State

Utah Utes logo17. Utah(21)-Big win for Utah. They had to go on the road to play a good team, and they were able to pull out a 30-23 win. Brian Johnson continues to put up good numbers, and Utah continues to pile up the wins. They will still have some tests, but the game against BYU should be huge! Next Week: Weber State


East Carolina Pirates logo18. ECU(13)-Tough loss for ECU on the road in a rivalry game. They should've won this game, and they had multiple opportunities in the opponents 10 and they weren't able to come up with points. Even with this loss to a bottom ACC team they still are a top 20 in my opinion with the two wins they've had earlier in the season. Next Week: Houston

Clemson Tigers logo19. Clemson(20)-The Tigers continue to look good after the week 1 loss to Alabama. They were able to completely dominate an overmatched South Carolina State team. Thunder and Lightning looked really good, but Cullen Harper did throw a few interceptions. You can't do this in conference play if they want to win the ACC. Still they're looking a lot better. Next Week: Maryland

Illinois Fighting Illini logo20. Illinois(23)-The Illini had a bye week, but they do have a huge matchup next week @Penn State. Next Week: @Penn State

Kansas Jayhawks logo21. Kansas(24)-The Jayhawks continue to look good as they ran up and down the field against Sam Houston State. Todd Reesing put up huge numbers, and the runnning game continues to look solid. The defense looked a bit shakey, and they need to improve that if they want to challenge in the Big XII North. Next Week: Bye

Colorado Buffaloes logo22. Colorado(NR)-The Buffaloes were able to pull off a Thursday Night Shocker against the Sheep Luvers in Boulder. Cody Hawkins looked really good at quarterback, and Colorado did an excellent job in containing Pat White. I really like Colorado's running game with Darrell Scott and Rodney Stewart. Next Week: @Florida State

Virginia Tech Hokies logo23. Virginia Tech(NR)-The Hokies are a completely different team with Tyrod Taylor at quarterback and they were able to get a huge win on the road against North Carolina. Darren Evans looked really good at running back, and the defense was able to step up a few times for Va Tech. Next Week: @Nebraska

Boise St. Broncos logo24. Boise State(NR)-The Broncos were able to go on the road and pull off a stunner at Autzen. Kellen Moore looked really good against a pretty good Ducks secondary. They played terrific for 3 quarters, but they did let up in the 4th and let the Ducks back in it. They can't do this again, or they will lose. Next Week: Bye

Fresno St. Bulldogs logo25. Fresno State(22)-I know they nearly lost to a bad Toledo team, but I'll give em a pass for this week. Traveling across the country, and after a tough loss are tough conditions to play well in. The defense which looked great early struggled, and if Fresno wants to win the WAC they need to improve that. Next Week: @UCLA

On the Cusp: Michigan State, Oregon, UConn, Cincinnati, North Carolina, Florida State, Vanderbilt

Best Games of Week 4:

Alabama @ UGA-Game of the week. Big for UGA and huge for Alabama.

Wisconsin @ Michigan-First Big Ten game of the Rich Rod era against a top team.

Illinois @ PSU-This game will show if PSU is legit.

Colorado @ FSU-This game will pit two borderline top 25 teams.

Virginia Tech @ Nebraska-Can VT pull off a 2nd straight win on the road?

Tennessee @ Auburn-Will both teams be able recover from tough losses?

USC @ Oregon State-A few years ago USC lost to Oregon State in a similar situation.

Heisman Watch:
1. Chase Daniel(Missouri)-The guy continues to put up huge numbers for a good Missouri team.
2. Mark Sanchez(USC)-Stays at #2 despite the bye.
3. Knowshon Moreno(UGA)-He put up huge numbers in the national spotlight.
4. Tim Tebow(Florida)-He doesn't have the numbers, but his team is winning.
5. Max Hall(BYU)-Putting up insane numbers, but he still probably won't win it.

Best of the rest:  PJ Hill(Wisconsin),  Sam Bradford(Oklahoma), Michael Crabtree(Texas Tech), Jeremy Maclin(Missouri),  Juice Williams(Illinois), Colt McCoy(Texas), Pat White(WVU), Percy Harvin(Florida), Evan Royster(Penn State), Javon Ringer(Michigan State).

Heisman Hopes that were ruined:
Chris Wells(Ohio State)-He was out another week, I think he's done.
Patrick Pickney(ECU)-His Heisman hopes was the undefeated season of ECU.
Pat White(WVU)-He struggled a little bit on Thurday night.

BCS Bowl Predictions:

BCS National Title: USC(Pac 10) vs UGA(SEC)

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin(Big 10) vs Utah(At Large)-They likely won't make it, but for now they're in.

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma(Big XII) vs South Florida(Big East)

Sugar Bowl: Florida(SEC) vs Missouri(At Large)

Orange Bowl: Wake Forest(ACC) vs BYU(At Large)


My Player of the Week is.....Javon Ringer. He put together another workman like perfomance.

Posted on: September 14, 2008 3:12 am
Edited on: September 15, 2008 5:28 pm

The Best Damn Poll in the Land After Week 3

What another great week! USC crushes OSU, Wisconsin squeaks by Fresno, Todd Reesing costs Kansas a game, and OU continues to roll. The number in parenthesis is where I ranked them last week.

Southern Cal. Trojans logo1. USC(2)-The Trojans just dominated Ohio State, and I had to move them up to #1. They were able to shut down the OSU offense, and they were able to run the football up and down the field. Mark Sanchez really impressed me, and as of right now they are the best team in the country in my opinion. There USC_Viking I can admit it, this team is a really special team. Next Week: Bye

Georgia Bulldogs logo2. Georgia(1)-The Bulldogs really struggled against South Carolina, but it seems to be a yearly thing for the Dawgs to struggle with the Gamecocks. The offense struggled a bit, but the defense stepped up in a big way. Big test next week against an ASU team that will be very upset and hungry after getting embarrased against UNLV at home. Next Week: @ASU

Oklahoma Sooners logo3. Oklahoma(3)-The Sooners looked very good again. They were able to shut down Jake Locker again, and the offense went up and down the field. The 1-2 punch of Chris Brown and DeMarco Murray is one of the best in the country, and they have one of the best quarterback in the country as well. The schedule will start getting harder, but the Sooners have a bye next week. Next Week: Bye

Florida Gators logo4. Florida(4)-The Gators had a bye this week, and because of this TheGreek spent more time on the boards this weekend. Next Week: @Tennessee

LSU Tigers logo5. LSU(5)-LSU was impressive again this week destroyed North Texas at home. They were able to run the ball very well again, and the quarterback managed the game. The defense was dominant like usual as LSU gets geared up for conference play. The Tigers better get ready for next week's game against the other Tigers from Auburn. Next Week: @Auburn

Missouri Tigers logo6. Missouri(6)-The Tigers offense was able to continue to roll as Chase Daniel continues to make a push for the Heisman, and Jeremy Maclin had 3 touchdowns receiving. The offense was able to roll up 651 yards, while the defense continued to improve. If the Tigers want to get by Oklahoma, they need the defense to step up. Today, they played well against a good offense, but they need to keep this up. Next Week: Buffalo

Wisconsin Badgers logo7. Wisconsin(9)-Many might say that Wisconsin wasn't that great against Fresno State, but I disagree. To go into a top 25 teams homefield in a game that is labeled "The Biggest Game in Team History" and come up with a win is impressive. The defense put together another good performance, and PJ Hill continues to roll. They have a bye next week as they get ready for Big Ten play. Next Week: Bye

Texas Longhorns logo8. Texas(10)-The Longhorns didn't play this week, and they'll have to wait to make barbequed pork sandwiches out of Banned Sleepy's Arkansas Razorbacks. Next Week: Rice

Auburn Tigers logo9. Auburn(7)-The new offense that Auburn was supposed to have this season appears to be a dud, as they have struggled to score this season. The defense has been smashmouth like usual, but they need a good offense if they want to beat LSU next week. Next Week: LSU

Penn St. Nittany Lions logo10. Penn State(12)-The Nittany Lions were impressive once again blowing out the Orange, and finishing off the tenure of Greg Robinson. The offense continues to look very similar to the 05 offense led by Michael Robinson. The real season starts soon, but not next week: Next Week: Temple

Oregon Ducks logo11. Oregon(11)-The Ducks had to comeback to beat Purdump in West Lafeyette, and they were able to do it by running the football very well. The 1-2 punch of Blount and Johnson is really underrated, and the defense really stepped up in the 2nd half. The injury to Justin Roper is a cause for concern. Hopefully, they won't lose their starting quarterback this year like they did last year. Next Week: Boise State

Ohio St. Buckeyes logo12. Ohio State(8)-I under ranked OSU last week, and though they did get crushed by USC I still think this is a good football team. I believe that Tressel needs to put Terrelle Pryor in their at quarterback, and they need to get Beanie Wells back as well. The defense looked horrible as well against USC, but I expect them to improve. This team is better then what they showed last night. Next Week: Troy

East Carolina Pirates logo13. ECU(14)-The Pirates had a little bit of trouble with Tulane, but I expected this, and if you don't believe me check out my picks in King and Sleepy's Excellent Adventure. The defense and special teams continues to make big plays, and Pickney is a playmaker at quarterback for ECU. The C-USA is tougher then people think, and ECU could possibly have a hiccup in conference. Next Week: @NC State

Alabama Crimson Tide logo14. Alabama(16)-Alabama played much better this week after struggling against Tulane last week. I really love the running game they have with Glen Coffee, and Mark Ingram. John Parker Wilson seems to be playing much better this season, and the defense continues to play well as well. This team is the darkhorse in the SEC, and they start SEC play next week. Next Week: @Arkansas

Texas Tech Red Raiders logo15. Texas Tech(17)-Finally, Texas Tech decided to show up on both sides of the ball and it resulted in a 43-7 win. Graham Harrell continues to look great, and Michael Crabtree looked like the All-American he is. The rumor of Tech having a defense this season are true for at least this week, and we'll see if the defense can continue to improve. Next Week: Massachusetts

South Florida Bulls logo16. USF(22)-I was really impressed with USF this week as they were able to come from behind to beat a pretty good Kansas team. Matt Grothe looked really good, but the defense did struggle a bit, but it was against a very good offense. As of right now I have to say this is the team to beat in a very weak Big East. Next Week: FIU

BYU Cougars logo17. BYU(20)-Another team that really impressed me this week. They put an absoloute beatdown on UCLA. Max Hall went off throwing for 7 touchdowns against the Bruins, and this really causes a lot of questions. Is UCLA that good? Did Tennessee just get beaten by them? What happened to BYU this week? Last week BYU got lucky on a terrible call by the officials, and this week they just destroy a decent UCLA team. Next Week: Wyoming

West Virginia Mountaineers logo18. West Virginia(18)-The Sheep Luvers stay at the same spot because I was really impressed with a few teams, and they didn't play this week. Next Week: @Colorado

Wake Forest Demon Deacons logo19. Wake Forest(21)-The Demon Deacons didn't play this week as they get ready for a big game at the Doak. Next Week: @Florida State

Clemson Tigers logo20. Clemson(23)-The Tigers were able to put up another good performance for a 2nd straight week. They got off to a rocky start, but they were able to recover nicely and beat NC State 27-9. The offense still hasn't showed everything that was expected from them this season, but there is still time in the season. Next Week: South Carolina State

Utah Utes logo21. Utah(NR)-Since everybody has fallen for them I guess I will as well. The Utah offense continued to look very good as they were able to run up and down the field against one of the worst D1 teams in the country. Still they looked pretty impressive. Brian Johnson had a fabulous day, as he continues to put up excellent numbers. That end of the season game against BYU should be fantastic. Next Week: @Air Force

Fresno St. Bulldogs logo22. Fresno State(15)-The Bulldogs were able to hang with Wisconsin at home, and they almost beat the Badgers, and they could've had it not been for a bad kicker. The running game struggled, but the passing game was pretty good. The best sign from the game is how good the defense was. They struggled a lot on defense last season, and it's good to see that they are playing much better on that side of the ball. Next Week: @Toledo

Illinois Fighting Illini logo23. Illinois(24)-I guess I have to move Illinois up even though I wasn't impressed with them having trouble with Louisiana Lafeyette. Juice Williams played good as usual, but they just didn't bring their A game. If they want to contend in the Big Ten they need to play much better then this. Next Week: Bye

Kansas Jayhawks logo24. Kansas(19)-As many of you know I'm not a big fan of Kansas, but they did do enough for me to keep them in my top 25. Todd Reesing looked really good, and so did most of the Kansas offense. The Kansas defense was another story, and they really struggled with the USF offense. Kansas is better then I thought though. Next Week: Sam Houston State

Florida St. Seminoles logo25. Florida State(NR)-This was a tough pick for me, and I wasn't sure who to put here. I decided finally to go with the Seminoles who have looked excellent the first few weeks even with the suspensions they've had. Christian Ponder has looked good at quarterback, and he should look better when they return a lot of those guys from suspension. Big game next week. Next Week: Wake Forest

On the Cusp: Michigan State, Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, UConn, Colorado, Arizona State

Look ahead to the best games of Week 4:

LSU @ Auburn-This game could have national title implications, and it will give an edge to the team who wins this game in the SEC West.

UGA @ ASU-Will ASU be able to recover? UGA better not overlook them or they could be stunned in the desert.

Wake Forest @ Florida State-This is a big game early in the ACC. The winner will have the best chance to challenge Clemson in the ACC Atlantic division.

West Virginia @ Colorado-This will be a tough game for the sheep luvers. Colorado has played well this year, and they have a legit chance to upset WVU.

Boise State @ Oregon-Without Roper, Oregon needs to find a way to try to fight off Boise State.

Notre Dame @ Michigan State-Is Notre Dame any good? A win here, and they are a legit team in my opinion.

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina-UNC looked great against Rutgers on Thursday. VT struggled against GT, this game could possibly be an upset.

Miami(FL) @ Texas A&M-Both teams are rebuilding, and both teams need a win here.

Alabama @ Arkansas-Arkansas isn't very good, but I think this game is closer then people think.

Heisman Watch:

  1. Mark Sanchez(USC)-He has to be #1. He put up a great performance in the national spotlight, and he's the man to beat as of right now.
  2. Chase Daniel(Missouri)-He's putting up the stats, but his team now has to win Big XII.
  3. Tim Tebow(Florida)-Tebow hasn't put up the numbers he did last year, and he had a bye this week.
  4. Patrick Pickney(ECU)-The guy probably won't win the Heisman, but he should be in the discussion early.
  5. Knowshon Moreno(Georgia)-It was his heart that lifted UGA over South Carolina.

Best of the rest:  PJ Hill(Wisconsin),  Sam Bradford(Oklahoma), Michael Crabtree(Texas Tech), Jeremy Maclin(Missouri),  Juice Williams(Illinois), Colt McCoy(Texas), Max Hall(BYU), Pat White(WVU), Percy Harvin(Florida), Evan Royster(Penn State), Chris 'Beanie' Wells(Ohio State)

BCS Bowl Predictions:

BCS National Championship Game: UGA vs USC

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs Oregon

Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs West Virginia

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs Missouri

Orange Bowl: Wake Forest vs ECU

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